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Since January 2002 (full-time since September 2002) I've been working with Java. Almost all the time I've been developing Java EE (J2EE) applications, ie. I had a running Weblogic or JBoss instance on my box where I did all of testing and debugging.

Below is a a brief list of major projets I've participated. Before reading it you may consider having a look at a list of programming books I think are worth reading, a list of my Java EE links, a my technical blog.

Date Scope Technology Scale My role
2007 - 2012 Global Inventory Management system Java EE, Hibernate and Toplink, Spring Framework, SOA (Web Services, CXF, JAXB), AJAX-enabled custom JSF components (RichFaces), Quartz, Dozer Ongoing R&D product development Solutions Architect for the product, design and development of GUI and the backend, close cooperations with business analysts and the QA team, version and releasee control, planning, customer installations support
2005 - 2007 Internet lottery (Veikkaus) application J2EE (CmdPattern/EJB), Spring, clustered WebSphere, DB2 and Informix, Legacy connectivity, external transaction engine, ex-CORBA, ActiveMQ, Quartz Over two years, more then 50 developers and QA's in Poland, UK and Finland. High performance and availability constraints Research and design of some frameworks in the system. Coding. Being a team lead - managing iterations (scope); QA, IE and DBA coordination
2005 A backoffice application of a lottery system for WestLotto J2EE (EJB, JSP, Struts), WAS, DB2; Connects to an external transaction engine A long term project, more then 10 developers in Poland and Germany A member of a service team. Maintenence: bugfixes and new functionality.
2004 An archive and Internet portal for a large polish newspaper. J2EE (EJB, JSP, Struts), Oracle, JBoss About 5 developers for over a year Database layer design and optimization; fixes, features and extensions as POJOs and in webapp
2003 - 2004 A peer-to-peer network exchanging semantic information (SWAP). International reseach project sponsored by the European Union. Distrubuted Java using JXTA, GUI as an Eclipse plugin using SWT. 3 years, 6 companies and universitiens in consortium, budget of 3 millions euro. I designed, coded and tested a large (>500 classes) Java-to-Oracle module. I wrote a resarch paper on metadata query languages.
2002 - 2003 The document and knowledge management system (CMS) with a rich knowledge model (e:kms). Internal, international project. Then delivered to large german companies. J2EE using many kinds of EJBs, first on Weblogic then ported to JBoss, JSP/Struts GUI, rich JavaScript. Oracle backend. Over 2 years, over 10 developers in three countries (DE, UK, PL) I mainly developed GUI. I made a project of migrating GUI to Struts and internationilzing it. I developed the metadata-related part of the system. I took part in defining the requirements.
2002 Implementation of XML standards defined by W3C (also my master's thesis). Internal project, then used as a module in other applications. XML library in Java. 6 months of 1 developer (myself). I designed, coded and documented the library.

On a separate page there is a lisf of my old non-commercial projects from the university and CV / resume.

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